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Rice Endowment for Sustainable Energy Technology

In 2010, the Rice University student body approved (by 71%) a nine dollar annual blanket tax to fund the Rice Endowment for Sustainable Energy Technology, or RESET. In an effort to combat rising energy costs and combat climate change, this new subsidiary organization of the Student Association will fund student-led initiatives to promote energy efficiency and sustainability on Rice campus. Rice joins more than 30 other universities nation-wide that have established similar programs.

This semester, RESET must once again be approved by the student body. Look out for more information as the Student Association election approaches.

The RESET Committee, which is comprised of students, faculty, and staff with expertise in the energy field, evaluates student project proposals using a rigorous set of criteria and provides funding and administrative support to implement these projects.

Through providing funding for large-scale community-led sustainability projects at Rice, RESET aims to:

  1. Offset energy costs at Rice and reduce long‐term energy costs for students.
  2. Promote energy conservation and renewable energy initiatives.
  3. Increase Rice’s standing as a sustainable campus.
  4. Provide Rice students with the opportunity to propose and implement projects in the new energy economy.
  5. Increase awareness of sustainable energy issues in the Rice community

Any member of the Rice community – students, faculty, and staff – can design projects and apply to the committee for funding. If you’re looking for project ideas, click here.

The next deadline for RESET project proposals is March 17th, 2013.

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